Gold Programs

Gold Programs

Private spaces full of beauty and comfort

The perfect option to disconnect and take care of your appearance thanks to first-class service and attention in our 5 * Spa Cabin Suites. We are committed to offering you the best service during your stay. Our team of specialists will guide you to meet all your expectations. Plus, you’ll find complimentary snacks and beverages on hand to refresh and feel refreshed.
We invite you to choose the Gold Program that suits your needs and book it for a day or a weekend. Request all the information from our multi-lingual advisers who are experts in Gold Spawellplus Programs. We recommend that you book at least 3 weeks in advance.

Beauty Gold Program

– Test and advice to personalize the program
– Sauna and Turkish bath
– Personalized body peeling
– Kobido facelift massage or 25 min head massage.
– Personalized facial dermo-aesthetic treatment (Anti-age, vitamin C, anti-acne, depigmenting, etc.) from 60 to 80 min.
– Private Jacuzzi with Marine Salts
– Spa hairstyle, manicure and pedicure

Detox Gold Program

– Sauna and Turkish bath
– Detox bath with head and facial massage 25 min.
– Body treatment with peeling and wrapping 50 min.
– Body lymphatic drainage 50 min.
– Relax with detox drink

Wellness Gold Program

– Sauna and Turkish bath
– Detox bath with head and facial massage 25 min.
– Personalized massage (combination of various techniques according to preference: therapeutic massage, Swedish, hot stones, Ayurveda, Thai, Balinese, bamboo …) 80 min.
– Relax in a private jacuzzi

Oriental Gold Program

Pulse measurement. Systems for diagnosing the state of energy in our body, in acupuncture, is that of pulsology. Blood is the element that, driven by the heart, reaches all parts of our body, and it is the information that we receive through the pulses of the arteries, which will define us, about the state of energy in the routes of the channels, functions and matter of the organs.
– Personalized acupuncture treatment.
– Thai, Balinese or bamboo massage 50 min.

Gold programs available at:

– Spa Azules de Nivaria at H. Roca Nivaria 5 *
– Eutonos Spa at the H.Sheraton La Caleta 5 *
– Baobab Suites 5 * Wellness Center
– Villa Cortés Spa at Villa Cortés 5 *
– Spa Best Semiramis at the H.BestSemiramis 5 *
– Spa Laguna Nivaria in the H. Laguna Nivaria 4 *

Included and additional services:

All programs include a bottle of cava, mineral water, tea and seasonal fruits.
Additional services on request:
-Hotel room, breakfast, Brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktail, extra drinks… etc.
-Home pick-up in a limousine or high-end car

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